WhoCPA API documentation

GET https://whocpa.asia/api/offer

Returns a list of offers

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
is_exclusive bool Exclusive offers only
is_mobile bool Mobile Offers
is_mobile_optimised bool Only optimized for mobile offers
is_new_promo bool Only offers that have new promotional materials
is_new_stock bool Only offers that have new stocks
is_active_stock bool Only offers that have active promotions
show_stopped bool Show paused offers or not
geo int или array(int) Show offers available for transferred regions
categories int or array(int) Offers from the transferred categories

Request example

GET https://whocpa.asia/api/offer/?

Response description

The response field objects contains a list of offers that match the specified filter. Must use pagination

Field Description
id Offer id
is_approved Is the offer approved for work
is_stopped Is the offer paused
name Offer title
description Offer short description
description_short Offer full description
rules Offer rules set by the advertiser. An object consisting of the fields short and full , containing, respectively, short and detailed rules
is_deeplink Are deeplinks allowed
is_new Is the offer new (recently added to the system)
is_new_promo Does the offer contain recently added promotional materials
is_new_stock Does the offer contain recently launched promotions
is_exclusive Is the offer exclusive
is_phone_tracking Are leads tracked by phone?
rating Offer Rating, from 1 to 10
url_homepage Offer Home Page
url_redirect Redirect page
url_name Redirect page title
images Pictures of the offer, usually the offer has three pictures of the sizes small , middle and big . The size field containing the sizes is transmitted, as well as the img field with a link to the image
cookie_ttl_days Cookies lifetime (days)
date_created Offer creation date
is_mobile Offer is mobile (game for mobile. device, program for mobile. device, etc)
is_mobile_optimised Optimized for mobile
is_recommended Is the offer recommended
support Support Contact Information
avg_delivery_time Advertiser average delivery time
is_private Offer is private (available only for some webmasters)
geo_codes Geo offers in ISO format (empty - no restrictions)
allowed_traffic Allowed traffic types
stocks Active stocks