Traffic arbitrage - is it worth starting in 2023

Is it worth it to go in traffic arbitration in 2023 or not?

Traffic arbitration is the redirection of users from one resource to another in order to push it to a certain action (purchase of a good/service, registration, subscription, completion of a form, etc.). Arbitrator makes money on the difference between buying and selling traffic. It buys traffic on one resource and resells it at a higher price to another - usually CPA networks that charge the advertiser for the targeted actions of users. If advertising works effectively, then stable traffic, and therefore conversion - leaving the application, registration, payment for goods or other established target action. For this the arbitrator will receive a fee from the customer. The difference between the cost of advertising and the payment of the customer - the arbitrator’s earnings.


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Benefits of Traffic Arbitration

Offline and online business owners look for traffic and cooperate with arbitrators because it is beneficial for them: businesses develop, sales increase, and reliable partners redirect quality traffic on fair terms and on a permanent basis. That is, a business can sell a product without a marketing department in essence and points of sale. This type of activity has many advantages not only for business, but also for arbitrators. Traffic generation not only increases profits, but also helps to become financially independent and independently plan your work schedule.


Main advantages of traffic arbitration:


  • everyone can, with basic knowledge, start to traffic;
  • No large initial investment required;
  • has clearly defined rules and terms;
  • scalability;
  • you can work in solo or in a team - decide for yourself;
  • you can start by trying to work with free (search) traffic;
  • work is not tied to place and time.


Main sources of traffic in 2023


Traffic generation can be paid or free. To figure out how to build an earnings scheme, how to most effectively attract users and where to start, it is worth working with free traffic.


Traffic Sources:


  • SEO (the main source of free traffic);
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter;
  • Telegram and other messengers;
  • Email marketing (you need a list of email addresses);
  • Pinterest (visual boards);
  • Web 2.0 sites.


The advantage of arbitration is that it is not necessary to have your own website. Traffic can be poured both on a personal site and on landing, taken from an affiliate network.


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How much can you earn by arbitrating in 2023?


The 2023 traffic arbitration remains profitable, especially at GEO Asia, where competition is low (compared to Tier-1) and traffic is cheap. How much can be earned from arbitration? Depends on the amount of investment and time spent. Also the type of transactions you will use has an impact on profits. At the same time, even if your budget is small, you can expect your income to rise sharply. Monthly profits can range from $100 to $50,000. Success in arbitration required constant development, experimentation and analysis. A lot of arbitrators earn a lot of money due to their experience and knowledge, as well as scaling and merging into arbitration teams.