Offers in category «Face care»

Offers in category «Face care»: how to choose the best nutra-offers in 2023 in geo Asia?

The «Skin Care» category is very popular among women, although some men are also interested in these products. You have a target audience of women, it is safe to choose top-rated offers from the category «Face Care» and redirect traffic to them. Including in the best geo Asia - Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.


Popular offers from the category of «Face Care»: what will be in the top in 2023?


The top-choise preparations for the face care are considered:


  • Medutox - capsules for instant rejuvenation;
  • Anti age - serum for rejuvenation;
  • Adapalex - cream for wrinkles;
  • Lefery Anti-Aging - a facial care product;
  • Miracle Glow - a whitening mask for the face;
  • Mulberry’s Secret is a whitening face serum.


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How to deliver offers from the category of « Face Care »?


Contextual advertising has proved to be the best way of filling the «Face Care» office. It is effective when writing ads and selecting keywords. If you have a great budget and experience in setting the context, then feel free to run the PK in Google Ads and traffic on any selected geo in Asia.


Targeted advertising in social networks is one of the most effective ways to attract traffic. Its advantages are low lead cost and wide audience. There may be problems in the form of ban, but if you choose the right offer (white, gray-white), everything will be fine.


Main sources of traffic:


  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TickTok);
  • Teaser advertising;
  • Google Ads.


How to choose the best ligament to earn?


Experienced webmasters recommend to do splits on everything - offers, geo, landing, creatives, etc. If the budget is limited, you can look at ratings, Google trends, ask the support service of the affiliate program. In addition, you can look at the cost of traffic - which is cheaper, then try. Also, try to identify the top pre land and land. Interested in inexpensive traffic? Try Asia!


It is important to know your target audience (gender, age), geo and its interests, you can try various creatives. Try a variety of texts, pictures, combine them. Do not expect a quick result. Very often it happens that the offer from the category «Face care» «shoots» after a certain time, it is important to wait for it - only so you can earn.


Be sure to use analytics - without it there is no point to test the ligaments. Analyze all user actions from the beginning of the advertisement to the performance of the target action. What works - develop what is not effective - improve or disable.