Insider guide to the nutra in Thailand from WhoCPA

Insider guide to the nutra in Thailand from WhoCPA

Shalom, shalom, my dears! Want to know where you can make tons of money in the nutra? Everything is simple! Launch offers in Geo Thailand and be happy like Aunt Sarah on sale! In this article, I will give you insider information and kosher tricks so that you can download shekels without problems.


Health and beauty, these are the topics that just scream "Mazel tov!" about its profitability in Thailand. This market is expanding faster than the universe, and you can get your share of this wealth!


But first, let's talk about very important basic information about Thailand:   


  • Thailand is a state in Southeast Asia with numerous tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and Buddhist temples.

  • The official language is Thai, but English and a southern dialect are also popular in the country.

  • Local currency: THB - Thai baht

  • Religion - The state religion of Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. Emphasize the word state religion. This religion is followed by 95% of the population, one of the highest Buddhist densities in a single country.

  • Population - more than 70 million people; Currently, about 15.1 million people in Thailand use the Internet every day, and 24 million people (about a third of the country's population) have regular access to the Internet.

  • The average income is 14 THB thousand per month. ($440-450).

  • Communications - 89% of users use smartphones to access the Internet (ages 16-65).

  • Internet use time - on average, a Thai spends about 3 hours a day on social networks and almost 2 hours for surfing the Internet.

  • Online shopping - 70% of Thais use social media as a source for finding products and services and making purchase decisions.


These sites are most often visited by residents of Thailand:


I have a hint for you about the problems of TA in Thailand: 

1. Diabetes: In Thailand, diabetes is spreading faster than manna from heaven in the desert! Suggest offers like our famous Diamin to help those sweet tooth control their blood sugar and save on medication! This offer will be of interest to both men and women over 40 years.   


2. Potency and penis size: Oh, these Thai beauties, how they turn on men! Present offers like our kosher LongeX, Vigamax (potency) and Maximizer gel (increase), so that our heroes have something to brag about in bed and not let them down in front of pilgrims! But remember that men over 40 suffer from potency problems, and men over 25 are dissatisfied with the size of the penis    


3. Rejuvenation: In Thailand, everyone wants to be young and fresh. Offer offers similar to our Vita Gold serum to help women over 40 avoid wrinkles and stay young!  


4. Joint health: Offer offers like Sinoflex or Movinix to men and women over 45 to improve mobility and avoid squeaky knees like Grandpa Shmuley! 


5. Sight: When you are asked if you read Torah without glasses, it is better to answer "yes"! Help Thai brothers and sisters in their 30s improve their eyesight and see all the way to the China Sea! And it's better to do it with our Vizinex capsules.  


6. Cardiovascular disease: As the old sage said, "Healthy heart is the key to the gold mine!" Advertise offers to help Thai hearts beat rhythmically and strongly, and our Cordinox capsules can help them with this! The main target audience for this offer are men and women 45+. 

7. Fungus: Don't let fungus ruin the beautiful dances of men and women over 35! Offer offers to kill the fungus and restore healthy nails, and the best choice is the offer from WhoCPA - Minoko!


8. Varicose: Help Thai legs avoid varicose veins and look chic with our Variste offer. This is especially important for women over 40.


9. Amulets of Wealth and Luck: You know, in Thailand everyone knows that amulets are magic that brings wealth and good luck! Don't forget to offer amulets offers from WhoCPA to make all Thais happy and rich like King Solomon!


Agree, Thailand is a goldmine for arbitrageurs. But no matter if you have any problems at all, our WhoCPA family is ready to help you! With our translators (native speakers) and Call Center 24/7, you will have to buy bigger shekel wallet!


Creatives for teaser networks


Creativity in Thailand requires compliance with a number of rules. It is easy to launch an advertising campaign on the geos of Thailand, but it is already more difficult not to catch a ban.


Taboo for creatives:

  • Photos of famous people, celebrities, stars and members of the royal family;

  • Images of individual professions and representatives of state bodies of Thailand, personal data of Thai doctors; any images of the Garuda bird;

  • Content from famous news sites.


To attract traffic to Nutra offer, you can use:

  • Photos of Singaporeans and Vietnamese;

  • Japanese women and Japanese with snow-white skin;

  • An image of an unreal character.


Examples of insider creatives that didn’t get banned and allowed them to end up in a big purse of shekels:


The best kreos for joints:


The best creos for weight loss: 


The best teasers for magnifiers: 


Creo for potency:



Creo for diabetes:



Creo for varicose veins:  



Kreo for fungus:



Summing up


  • Thailand is in the top 10 countries using mobile devices to access the Internet

  • Strictly follow the rules of moderation in Thailand

  • The people of Thailand are among the leaders in the world in terms of time spent on the Internet.

  • Thai people love to watch news content

  • Most of the traffic is in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok

  • High average age of the population

  • Thailand has developed a culture of consumption of dietary supplements

  • Thailand is one of the most promising regions for nutra traffic arbitrage


So, arbitrageurs, are you ready for the traffic drive in Thailand? Take these tips, act and become an arbitrage master! But it's better to do it in our friendly Jewish family WhoCPA!

Remember, being with Jews is good for business!