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We suggest starting the new week with something useful!

That is why we made an interview for you with Yura, our affiliate manager.

In this article, you will find many useful tips for both beginners and experienced buyers :)


1. Hello, Yura! Tell us a little about yourself: what did you do before you became a manager, how did you get into arbitration?

I had heard of and dealt with arbitration before because I worked with commodities. However, I paid more attention to clients, communication with suppliers, and the search for new products than to marketing and advertising campaigns. Also, my friends who have been working in arbitration for a long time told me a lot about arbitration. 


 2. Why did you decide to start with arbitration? 

I liked this field because of its drive and speed. In my opinion, it is simply impossible to get bored and catch a quick burnout. 


 3. What is the most difficult thing for newcomers (apart from finding a budget, of course :))?

Many newcomers cannot immediately understand the large flow of information and just start their first running of traffic)


4. What advice would you give to newcomers? 

a. Study the offer and geo thoroughly. The deeper your understanding, the easier it will be to create advertising materials and attract the target audience.

b. Test different creos and landing pages to determine what works best with your target audience.

c. Test different variations to determine what works best with your target audience.

d. Read and follow the terms and conditions of the affiliate programme carefully. Arbitrage can take time to achieve significant results. Be patient and persistent, and don't be afraid to learn from your mistakes and keep improving.


 5. Why did you decide to become a manager?

I like to communicate and help others. Therefore, I believe that a manager is first and foremost a friend, assistant and mentor.) 


6. How and what do you do to help newcomers?

When a newcomer comes to us, we try to give them everything they need to get off to a fast start. This can be: help with creatives, assistance with searching and selecting a converting landing page, and any technical issues related to the launch of an advertising campaign. We never leave both beginners and experienced arbitrageurs alone with their problems)


7. How do you help newcomers choose geo and offers?

Since I also want to be aware of how arbitrage works in practice, I personally test our offers and different traffic sources. Therefore, I have not only theoretical knowledge, but also real practice. And when a newcomer contacts us, I try to find out as much information as possible in order to offer the most suitable offer for the future webmaster. 


 8. What do you think is the best offer you have at the moment? 

In my opinion, the best offer is the one that is popular with the target audience and for which you can easily find an idea for the creative and for the landing page to start with. One of the best offers in terms of the envelope right now is [6387] Diamin jar [MX]. The rate for websites with a good volume starts from $21, so it's simply the top offer at the moment.  


9. Tell us an unexpected case in your work. 

Oh, this is an interesting story:) Once, a newcomer came to us. I found a connection on a spy service and decided to give it to him. And thanks to this connection, the newcomer managed to give us 50 leads a day for two weeks! To say I was in a pleasant shock is an understatement :)) 


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