Best Nutra affiliate program (nutra CPA network) for Indonesia

Best Nutra affiliate program for Indonesian traffic

Indonesia - one of the most promising geo in Asia. There is a very large population - 273 million inhabitants - with a good purchasing opportunity. Considering that the problems of Indonesians are the same as those of 99% of the world’s population, this is a good bridgehead for arbitrators, engaged in nutra sphere. We, as one of the best CPA-networks specializing in nutra sphere, in turn, offer a huge selection of offers on various topics and target audience for geo Indonesia.


What is a CPA-network


CPA network is an affiliate program with pay-for-action offers. Payment is made for the appropriated lead. Lead - it is a left application with contacts. Contacts can be sent to the call center through a special form, embedded on the site or landing. Each order form has an identifier that allows you to link the received lead to a specific webmaster.


That is, the classic CPA network works as follows:


  • Call center receives application - lead from the arbitrator;
  • The application is nicknamed;
  • If the lead is confirmed, the arbitrators are paid a fixed rate for each nutra-offer (or other vertical).


Our PP deals with the nutra of Asia, including Indonesia - if you specialize in this geo, you can be our partner after registering at WhoCPA.


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Types of nutra-offers


Nutra-offers - a variety of funds (bio-additives, creams, ointments, pills, etc.) for beauty and health, usually on a natural basis. Namely:


  • Enlargers and potency (male "adult" offers);
  • Means to lose weight;
  • Masks for face, cosmetics;
  • Products against smoking, alcoholism;
  • Patches from sprains, inflammation;
  • Herbal fees from many diseases;
  • Funds for diabetics, hypertension;
  • Antiparasitic drugs;
  • Means for the eyes;
  • Products to improve immunity etc.


Also to the nutra-offers could be attributed various amulets, charms, mascots from the evil eye, for strong health, for happiness and so on. Often in the catalogs of the nutritional affiliate program could be groundbait for fish (offers for fishermen), drugs from garden parasites, means to increase the yield, and also a lot of goods - for auto, cottage, home and garden, for animals, gadgets and electronics.


WhoCPA - the best nutrition affiliate program for Indonesia


Affiliates, offering nutra-offers on geo-Indonesia, quite a lot. But why you need to give preference to us:


  • Direct advertiser;
  • Offers not available in other PP;
  • High deductions;
  • High average approve - 30%;
  • Easy withdrawal of money;
  • Quality call center operation;
  • We work with all - beginner webmasters and arbitration professionals.


If you want to pour into Indonesia - welcome to WhoCPA! We accept traffic from different sources, and for those who give quality traffic in large sizes, we offer increased rates (fees).


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Best nutra-offers for Indonesia


We offer you the top 5 nutra-offers converters for Indonesian traffic, with which you can start working right now by registering with our CPA-network:


  1. Femine - a remedy against menopause. The target audience - women, age 45-55 years. Due to the features of the body, this offer can be relevant almost always, its huge plus - it has no seasonality;
  2. Vita Gold - rejuvenating serum. Offer the category of "Beauty". The target audience is the same, but the age gap is much larger. Preservation of youth - eternal pain of the target audience;
  3. Vigamax - capsules for potency. Targeting male audience from 35 years. Potency is a topical topic for men around the world, including Indonesians. Adult-offers in the gut of this kind - is always a good choice to drain traffic;
  4. Cordinox is a remedy for hypertension. Audience - both men and women, age - 45-50+, other parameters for targeting can be omitted, as the problem in most cases is related to age;
  5. Dialex - diabetes capsules with a natural and environmentally friendly composition. Diabetes is a problem without age or sex, so it’s going to take a little work on the targeting to keep the budget from going under conversion.


GEO Indonesia Advantages for Inverse Traffic Arbitration


For sure you will ask - why Indonesia? We will answer this question with brief points:


  • Cheap traffic with good conversion;
  • Large audience - 4 country in the world by population;
  • Relatively high average income - about $550 per month;
  • Internet users are loyal to advertising - you can use old convertible creatives;
  • There is a large number of local diseases in the country, which makes a favorable background for the nutra-offers, especially from the category "Health";
  • In Indonesia, many people believe in spirits and shamans, so you can also pour on charms, amulets, talismans.



How to Get Started with the best affiliate program for Indonesian Traffic


Everything is very simple! To become our partner, you need to click "Start" and pass a fast registration webmaster. After that you get all the opportunity for a high quality traffic drain in Indonesia - the most complete directory of nutra-offers, personal manager, technical support and more. If you have any questions about working with our affiliate, you can ask the manager for help.