Beauty and health CPA offers for Philippines traffic

Beauty and health CPA offers for Philippines traffic

The attractiveness of Asian traffic, particularly Philippine traffic, is that it is relatively inexpensive and the competition in this market is much lower. In addition, here you can customize advertising in English and use fairly standard creatives - really convenient geo for both beginners and top arbitrators. The only thing - you need to find a good affiliate with a large selection of offers for the Philippines.


What is the CPA-offers "Beauty and Health"


Beauty and health - is a vertical in the nutra, offers on a natural basis, which are used for rejuvenation, beauty, and solutions to various health problems. CPA-offers are offers for which the webmaster receives a fee from the affiliate network on the model of "pay for action". In this case, the action is a left application on the site or landing, which must be approved. The application is processed by the call center, and if the user confirms the desire to buy an offer, the lead is considered approved, and the webmaster receives a fixed fee for it.


Examples of "Beauty and Health" offers:


  • Vichen - skin rejuvenation;
  • Viagron is for male potency.


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Types of affiliate Offers for Beauty and Health


Beauty and health offers include:


  • Drugs to improve potency;
  • "Slimming down";
  • Cosmetic preparations - masks from wrinkles, black dots, various creams and ointments for wrinkles and skin rejuvenation;
  • Vitamins to strengthen immunity;
  • Bars for better vision;
  • Remedies from bad habits (alcoholism, smoking);
  • Products from varicose veins;
  • Remedies for hypertension;
  • Remedies for diabetes;
  • Remedies for pain in suglobs;
  • Beauty products - various belts, fitness devices, exercise machines;
  • Herbs, infusions, teas, berries, etc.


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WhoCPA is a CPA network with a huge catalog of nutra-offers in the category "Beauty and Health" for the Philippines and other Asian geo. Our advantages:


  • Direct advertiser;
  • Only the author’s office;
  • Large deductions;
  • Simple withdrawal of money;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Personal account manager;
  • Improved conditions for webmasters giving quality traffic in large volumes.


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