Nutra-offers in 2023. Perspectives of the nutra

Nutra-offers in 2023. Perspectives of the nutra. What to consider in the traffic arbitrage

Nutra-offers - this is always a popular niche. So it is not worth expecting something to go wrong in 2023.


But what you need to do is think about how to creatively approach the advertising campaign. After all, competition for Asian GEO is growing, and what worked in 2022 is not a fact that will work now. But first, we’re going to basically look at all the popular verticals in the nutra and try to predict the future a little bit.


What to expect from popular verticals in 2023


So, the axiom is:


  1. Eternal people problems - they are eternal. So, they are always actual. And with them - and ways to solve them. Nutra is always in demand!
  2. The average age of Internet users is growing in both directions, which means that the audience is also "aging". But it knows how to use the network, so it can (and will) look for solutions to eternal problems;
  3. Comes with the second - people are increasingly lazy to go to the doctor. Especially since here it is - the solution to the problem on the Internet. Just order!




  • Potency - never fading category of offspheres. Especially well for the prostate. And not only in Asia, but many other GEO;
  • Weight loss - the same story. But here the thing is that the "European" creatives may not be suitable for Asia, you need a different approach (about this below);
  • Hypertension - everything is stable and even some traffic growth is expected. After all, the problem is age, and the age of the audience, as we found out, is becoming more and more;
  • Rejuvenation - traffic growth is expected for the previous reason. Rejuvenation and hypertension - probably these will be the two most competitive niches in 2023;
  • Joints - in most cases, people suffer from joint pain when the weather changes. So this factor - how stable the weather in your chosen GEO - you need to consider. Perhaps, the offers for joints, for example, for the Philippines is not relevant - there all year round everything is stable;
  • Vision - a very successful trend last year. So there are all chances to repeat the success in the new year. Again, due to the age of the target audience.


Get offers


How to advertise nutra in Asia in 2023?




When creating creatives and media content, you can focus on the aging of the audience, namely the public 40+. Focus on the problem of the user, and the effectiveness of a particular offer can be supported by "authoritative expert opinion". Another thing - mentality. In many Asian countries, the family is the most important thing in life. So can work well creatives, in which emphasis on family values, family preservation.


Consider the competition


In the Tier-1 countries, there is some saturation of the nutra-off market, and even some decrease in purchasing power. In this regard, Asia looks much preferable - the market is not so full, so in terms of competition Asian GEO looks more promising.




Gaming techniques, which are carried into the business, can qualitatively keep the attention of the target audience and make interaction with advertising more interesting. That is, in creatives you can add interactive elements that will add interest from the audience. For example, for a young target audience it can be a mini-game, for a more mature - quiz.




Nutra-offers are still a good choice for traffic arbitration on various geo-geo in Asia, as in previous years. The older the audience, the more opportunities for arbitrators. In 2023, it makes sense to try to pour on such GEO as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, where the market is not yet saturated with the gut, traffic is inexpensive, and competition is not at such a high level as in Tier-1.