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Best Nutra affiliate program for Thailand traffic

Don’t you still know about us? Well, who we are and why you must join in our team straightaway?! We have prepared the outstanding nutra affiliate program within Thailand traffic that is aimed to find new partners from the whole world who will promote Asian nutra offers.

What is Nutra Affiliate and cpa networks

A Nutra affiliate is someone who promotes health and beauty offers.


Affiliate marketers generally promote these nutra goods across established channels, such as their blogs on Facebook or Instagram, YouTube channel and other social media. Nutra means «nutraceutical», it is a shorten word for dietary supplements that possess health avails for people. High-quality Internet affiliate traffic is essential in the field of partner program of nutra as it can increase or decrease your business. Customers need to approve the nutra offers,therefore you ought to be conversant with these offers.


The CPA network is an advertising pattern that involves a publisher (affiliate), a business (advertiser) and a CPA network (a platform where you can gain revenues by promoting diverse offers). The CPA network is used to find the best affiliate to advertise these offers or a publisher who creates relevant content and has a well-established audience. What concerns our company, we provides specifically offers just within Thailand as they are the most favored among customers.

Benefits of Thailand GEO for arbitrage Nutra traffic

Affiliate Traffic Arbitrage: An innovative and exceptional opportunity for business! Traffic arbitrage is the activity when you purchase traffic and then resell it and make a profit by the price difference.

How is Affiliate Traffic Arbitrage in action?

The common marketing procedure looks like this:


  1. An ad is presented to an audience in a traffic source’s setup.
  2. A click on the ad conveys a visitor to a landing page, and later to the offer page – provided that this visitor shows an interest in it.
  3. A tracker records all these actions.


There are differentiated types of affiliate traffic arbitrage, depending on the ad type:


  • Native to search
  • Social to search
  • Search to search


Affiliate traffic arbitrage provides a few basic tracking functionalities, hence you are able to see which campaigns are the most advantageous in Thailand and which search queries get clicked most of all. We are one of the leading affiliate networks and tends to expand more and more within the Asian areas and traffic as they prefer buying health and beauty-related offers most of all, what is our the most significant advantage. In addition to this, WHOCPA would like to demonstrate you the list of other benefits that you obtain assuredly due to us:


  • A stable increasing of your income owing to having active nutra offers that you access;
  • A wide range of products that you can select and promote;
  • The well-established sales system that allows you to work without facing any advertising difficulties;
  • Long-term partnerships as we appreciate everybody’s time;
  • Getting a high return on each offer and timely payment of it.

Best Nutra offers for Thailand

What is it based on?! We possess a wide range of offers (nutra, health, beauty and slimming goods) that you can select to advertise although these ones (look down) take a leading position in the highest terms of the selling at Thailand’s trafiic:


  • Longex;
  • Diamin
  • Sinoflex

Get all offers


Get all offers with the best Nutra affiliate network for Thailand traffic

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