How to figure out the target audience in nutra

How to figure out the target audience in nutra


The path to the promised target audience: Jewish lessons for affiliates

The path to the promised target audience: Jewish lessons for affiliates  

Greetings, dear arbitrators! Today I will be your Jewish Sherlock Holmes, who will guide you through the labyrinths of traffic to your target audience (TA). Imagine your target audience as your grandmother on Hanukkah: they are the ones who are more likely to be happy with your gift, that is, the offer. And not because they love you, but because they are really interested in it.  

Target audience and income: how to determine a profitable audience  

TA is your compass in the world of arbitrage. It's like finding the right pearl in a mountain mine - you have to know where to look and which gems are right for you! Geography (or as we say geo) is the key to finding your hungry customers. Data from affiliate programs and arbitrage networks, such as WhoCPA, can help you determine in which countries or regions your offers are most successful and in demand. For example, our favorite offer, Diamin, is in high demand in Mexico, where people are at a high risk of developing diabetes. This geo is of particular interest to us and we strive to maximize its potential.


Competition Analysis: Learn what geos successful affiliates are currently actively working with and what offers they are promoting. You can easily find out about this on their channels or in their speeches at conferences. You can also contact your manager and find out what offers and GEOs are currently popular. After that, it is necessary to analyze why these GEOs and offers are so popular.


Let's take the example of Thailand, my friend. In this country, people are especially in need of Vizinex vision capsules. Due to the fact that many do not have access or funds for local medicine, they prefer "folk methods from the Internet."


Remember! In many geos where access to health services may be limited or inaccessible to all, your target audience is looking to find ways to save on health costs without sacrificing their well-being. They strive to obtain affordable, but high-quality goods and services to maintain their health and well-being.



Selection of target audience for the offer and offer for the target audience:  

How to choose an offer for the target audience

The first recipe is how to choose the freshest and brightest shekels from the piggy bank: we select the most appetizing offer and adjust the target audience to it. We analyze traffic into atoms to find the perfect combination with our target audience.

Okay, the first time I'll tell you for free.

You need to analyze your traffic - geo/gender/age/interests

Let's say you have traffic from adult sites in Mexico. Considering that the main target audience of adult sites consists of men aged 22+, the most suitable offer for you will be an offer related to penis enlargement and potency. This is understandable and logical, given the nature of such traffic and the interests of its audience.

Let’s take Maximizer Gel, a well-known offer for our affiliates, as an example. Men over the age of 22 are grateful to them for this offer. And in order to interest a more adult male audience, over the age of 40, experienced affiliates use the LongeX offer, which already restores potency in an instant.

It's like serving kosher hummus with spicy carrots - a delight for your palate!

How to choose a target audience for an offer

And here is the second recipe - we, like real comedians at Jewish weddings, tweak our offer, like incendiary jokes, so that it matches our target audience! So yes, you understood correctly, we are real traffic shamans, turning it into a magic formula that will attract our precious shekels like a magnet!

Let's suppose you did like the Vigamax offer (Thailand, potency). And what to do next?

Of course, you need to choose a traffic source where the target audience is men aged 40+.

For example, teaser networks are Yengo;

Or Facebook; Google, but you need to specify the age of 40+ and if you still want to add interests.

Also look at spa services, how much traffic is poured into vision in this geo. If you see that there is very little, most likely the source is not suitable, it is better to ask the manager from what sources they pour.

So, keep your pockets wide open and get ready for the magic of targeting and driving traffic! Indeed, with WhoCPA, each click will turn into real gold, and each target audience will meet the most greedy requests!

How to test an offer? Make it a habit

What do you have to do to become real TA magicians?

Corrected text:

Let's say you're targeting traffic to a specific target audience, and you're offered a new offer with a lower payout but a lower product price. Now you are wondering: “Why should I do this if the payout is lower?”, But you forget that the price of the product is also lower, and this affects the cost of attracting a client at your source. For example, with a high price of a product, you get 20 leads per $100, and with a low price of a product, 35 leads. That is, you can get a higher ROI due to more leads. However, you can do a split test to determine which option is best for you. Take your valuable landings/creo, replace the product with another advertiser's product and launch traffic into two equal groups - 50/50. Then just keep track of the indicators in the tracker and you will see where the ROI will really be better.

And remember that trends are your secret weapon in this fight for successful arbitrage! If you watch them like a skilled diamond trader, you will be able to seize the best opportunities in time!


Target audience in focus: Using analytics and tracking to understand your audience  


Now I want to share my secrets with you. When it comes to tools for understanding target audience, we have some real gems to help you conquer the world!

The first tool, like a real surgeon in his field, is analytics, which will reveal to you all the secrets of your target audience. And this is where Keitaro, your personal Jewish spy in the nutra world, comes to the rescue. This tool doesn't just expose every little detail, it provides you with detailed analytics and reporting so you can track the performance of your campaigns, optimize traffic distribution, and make data-driven decisions. For example, Keitaro will show you conversion rates, ROI, and other key figures of your arbitrage empire. After all, only knowing all these numbers, you can dance with shekels to the sounds of success!


So yes, powerful tracking systems allow you to follow every step of your traffic. You, as real jewelery buyers, will be able to see where your customers come from, how they interact with your offers and what shekels they bring in. After all, only with the help of these tracking systems you can catch every glimmer of success!


So, keep your finger on the pulse of analytics and arm yourself with powerful tracking systems! We, your WhoCPA Jewish family, are ready to help you reveal all the secrets of your target audience and turn them into real kosher shekels!



Mazel tov, my dear affiliates! I know that you have already adopted all our kosher tips and are ready to conquer the world of arbitrage with WhoCPA!


Remember that arbitrage is like playing cat and mouse with your target audience. You have caught yours, and now decide how to take each step so that they do not run away from you! But don't worry, you have all the tools for success in your hands! May your arbitration be successful and bring you shekels like the sea!


Remember, being with Jews is good for business!