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We know how difficult it can be to get through Facebook moderation, especially when it's adulterated content, it's unrealistic!

But today in this article, we're going to tell you about a life hack with video creativity on Facebook so that no bot can block your account. Let's get started!

Many people say that you can't use adulterated content for FB moderation and there are a lot of other things that can get you banned: 

  • the laws of the countries where you are pouring geo, 

  • personal characteristics (orientation, age, race, etc.) 

  • prohibited goods (tobacco products, adult products, prohibited financial schemes, etc,)  

  • low-quality image or a huge number of emojis - FB and for can leave you without an account :( 

  • text with spelling and punctuation errors


But today we are going to tell you in detail a fairly simple way to hack the FB moderator and upload advert content. 

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Do you choose or edit an adult video (no need to explain what kind of video :)?

  2. Make or download a simple white image from Google (static)

  3. In the video with your advert content, we "cut" these same white pictures. 

  4. The video and the image should alternate very quickly so that the video flashes frequently. For example, for a 5-second video, you need to insert these white images every 0.3 seconds. 

  5. You edit the video with these images and try to pass moderation. If your video doesn't pass moderation, try inserting these white images more often. 

This is the method of attempts that the FB moderation will use to let your video into the world one day :)


How does it work?

Due to the very fast frame rate, the FB bot sees only these white images and skips your video. But a person who sees this content pays attention to the video itself, not to the white pictures. This is how our psychology work :)

Despite the complex and demanding conditions of Facebook moderation, sometimes there are ways to get around it and upload what you really need!


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