Farm accounts Facebook


   Account farming is a general concept that means creating high-quality social media accounts that mimic the actions of a real user and can be used for advertising. A media buyer or its farmer imitates a new user, an online entrepreneur who wants to launch his or her business.   

 What is farm for?

Buyer's accounts are often blocked due to violations of certain FB rules. If a media buyer simply registers a new account and tries to run ads right away, the fresh profile will be blocked, preventing it from moving forward.

To avoid this, you need farming.

The essence of farming is to create an account that is as similar as possible to a real person's account. This way, the system considers them real - belonging to existing people. If the system is in doubt, it will monitor the account and issue restrictions at the first hint of a violation. 

Account farming has a major advantage - accounts earn trust from the social network. 

Trust is reflected in:

  • Spending limits (bad accounts can have a budget limit of up to $5 per month. Advanced profiles allow you to spend up to several hundred dollars)
  • Lifespan (the more trusted the account, the longer it takes the system to recognise the offender and issue a ban. All the time it takes to figure you out, you can pour, even with minor violations)
  • The time it takes to pass any ban with a positive result (an account can be banned very quickly, even if you just refresh the page, the longer the verification, the less trust in this account and the more likely it is not to pass the verification)
  • Moderation (it will be faster for a trust profile, as it will most likely be handled by bots. And they are easily fooled by a simple cliché. If you upload an advert from a newly created account, be sure that it will be checked manually)

To farm it is necessary to have:

  • Expendables :

- Unique photos (if this person already exists, FB will have questions about the account)

- SIM cards (they must be from the region for which the account is created. You can also use disposable SIM cards, but physical ones are better, because when you need to get a code, they are available and it is easier to do. Disposable numbers can be used only once and for a certain period of time.

- Proxy (depends on the region for which accounts are created)

  • An emulator or phone that will be used for account and mail registration;

  • Anti-detection browser;

  • Creation of a table where you need to record all the data for each account. This is done to quickly find the necessary data.

How much does the farm last? 

The duration of accounts farm depends on the quality of the account you want to get. In general, the farm period takes at least 2 weeks. A good farm period starts from 1 month.   

How to create high-quality pages on FB?  

Quality farm depends on many factors:

  • Proxies (they need to be checked through several sites that determine the location. The main thing is that the real IP address is not visible). Each account should have its own proxy.
  • Next, a specific SIM is inserted and an emulator (a program that simulates a mobile device) is used to register Google mail and collect cookies from certain applications. After fattening the cookies, a FB account is registered in the emulator. In the FB account, social information is filled in (user page). The main photo and background picture are uploaded. Posts are uploaded to the page (photos with text, photos with the geolocation of the city where the social networker lives, posts from groups).

During farm, you need to perform the following steps for each account:

- Adding friends (from the social's hometown, from the city in which the social lives, from school, from university, from work and shared friends with friends who have already been added;

- Adding to interest groups;

- Watching videos, playing games - this is what a bot cannot do (these actions are required);

- Interacting with friends (likes, comments, messages);

- Actions in non-FB. (sites with pixels. There are special extensions that show if a site has pixels).

- Before "heavy" actions, give your account a rest for 1-2 days. The following actions are considered to be "difficult": switching from an emulator to an anti-detection browser, or creating a fake account, or creating a bm. In our experience, these actions can cause unwanted checkpoints and checks from FB. At this time, you can work on other accounts or perform less triggering actions.

- Training. Take any course on advertising on Meta Blueprint, approximately on the 6-8th day of farm. It is necessary for the social network to understand that you are planning to engage in advertising and study its principle;

- Fan Page. Create a Fan Page on the 5th-7th day of the farm. Fill it with content according to the topic. If it's sports, it's exercise tips, nutrition. In the Fan Page, you can make auto-posting for a month, you will not need to go constantly to make a post on the page.

- Business Manager. Create a BM for the 8-10th day of the farm, use the created Gmail (or any other). Fill in the Business Manager (Token, fp and company information according to the fp data associated with the BM. If you are asked to confirm your identity, photoshop an ID card in any photo editor. The main thing is that it should contain a photo with the person from your profile, full name, date of birth.

What to do if you don't have time for manual account farming?

There are several options:


These accounts are usually created by programs. There is nothing on them, it is just empty. They are the cheapest and are considered to be of poor quality. They come with only a login and a password. When you buy databases with such accounts, there is a very low probability that you will be able to log in from them, because FB can detect the mechanism of "mining" such good guys and simply ban them in batches.

2. Farmed users.

They are also formed by programmes, but unlike the first ones, they take much longer to be active. They fill in a profile, put avatars/likes, and add friends. In general, they imitate the activities of a real person. Such accounts can be classified as medium quality. They usually come with access to mail, and sometimes they even come with avatars.

3. Live people

There is nothing better than accounts of real people who are constantly active on them. This category is of the highest quality, they rarely get banned and have enough trust for most tasks, even for buyers. The only problem is where to get them. Sooner or later, friends run out of them :)  

4. Hacked - Logs/Mails

Not everyone is ready to spend their time and money on accounts of real people, so they have to look for alternative ways out. And these are the hacked Facebook accounts. They can be either with cookies or just a login/password. They are extracted by stealers or by searching through hacked databases of websites. But this type of account is not suitable for everyone, as there are certain risks. Firstly, the owner can change the password at any time, and your linked card will remain with him. Secondly, the use of other people's personal data is illegal. After all, you can get any region, even the USA or Europe. And such accounts usually have no restrictions on daily spins, and the number of accounts available for registration is 6+.

5 . Purchased accounts.

Unfortunately, they are not always of high quality. You need to be able to check such accounts in order not to get a used account or one of poor quality. Therefore, you need to understand that such accounts are subject to mandatory verification on all points and be able to return such accounts.

And to be sure of the quality of the farmed akus, do not use "mass market" shops.  There are a small number of teams that are engaged in high-quality farming. One of these shops is Farm Boss. Here you will get advice, help and unique products. We have not yet found analogues on the market:) 

We recommend that you contact Farm Boss for cool pharmaceuticals that will not get you banned!


Without a high-quality FB page, you won't be able to run ads. That's why you need a farm for this purpose. Which one you choose is up to you. But you need to take it very responsibly and seriously!

WhoCPA wishes you great traffic and a minimum of banned accounts :)