Hello, dear friends! Many of you are interested in arbitrage or are already running the traffic. We wondered what exactly attracts newcomers to this field, so we decided to conduct an interview with our newcomer Bohdan. He has just recently started working with us and has been running nutra, so we decided to ask him what interests newcomers and what their expectations are in arbitration.

We would like to share this interview with you and give you a little spoiler: this path was not easy for Bohdan, but if you believe in yourself and go for your goals, everything will work out!


1. How did you find out about traffic arbitrage and why did you decide to try your hand at it?

Let's start with the fact that I am 50 years old. I learned about arbitrage about 10 years ago. Back then, I had an infosite, a bot farm for spamming on Facebook and a YouTube channel, content monetisation from Google, and then from Zen. I was constantly looking for ways to monetise the traffic that was on the site. That's why I came across the topic of arbitrage. At that time, it was green coffee, hamsters, and other stuff.

Since then, I have had three approaches to arbitrage: two of them were not very successful, and the third one started in the new year.


2. Have you taken any arbitration courses?

To buy a course and study in a group - no. I once bought mentoring on OLX. The dude showed me how to place bets on casinos in an hour. A day later, I already had 20 accounts purchased and advertising on casinos in New Zealand set up. I spent 300 USD in a week, but I never saw a single lead. I think this is a very extensive way, but it gave me an understanding of the scheme of running on apps.

After 8 months, I decided to look into it again.

I looked at the cost of personal courses, about 1000-1500 USD, and I had a feeling that somewhere you are being cheated in this scheme. So I went to OLX again and bought this course for 400 UAH. It was a good option for me, because I didn't really want to wait for a long time for the course.


 3. Why did you decide to run on the nutra?

I think this is the best vertical to start with. You can cast without proxies, cloaks and other tools. Although I'm not afraid of anything after the casino, I want to gradually enter gambling)


4. How do you solve the issue of creating advertising content?

This is the most difficult issue for me. Technically, I can redo some creative in Canva and or Photoshop, but choosing what to redo is a problem. Especially if it's GEO, where I don't understand what triggers the locals. Therefore, this question is open to me and hardly anyone teaches this. It takes time and money to experiment)


5. How do you choose offers to work with?

At the moment, only on the recommendations of the PP. I understand that over time, if we have a circle of communication with arbitrators, we will be able to find offers among the community, but now only through the CPA network.


6. What skills and knowledge do you consider most important for successful arbitration?

Networking, general activity in search of information, endurance, desire to learn, a budget that you are not afraid to lose)


7. What is important to get from the affiliate network as a beginner?

It is important for a beginner to see the first profit, even if it is a conventional dollar, but a profit. To do this, the partner can probably share some insights and put up with stupid questions. This can be mutually beneficial for all parties in the long run. One real positive feedback from a newbie is worth more than ten advertising posts of the CPA network.

Anyone who wants to chat with a newcomer or offer him a job in arbitration - here is his Telegram: @boykob