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Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia with numerous tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and Buddhist temples.

The official languages are Thai, and English and the southern dialect are also popular in the country.

Local currency: THB — Thai baht

Religion: The state religion of Thailand is transitional Theravada Buddhism. Emphasize the word state religion. This religion is followed by 95% of the population, which is one of the highest growth rates of Buddhists in one country.

Population: more than 70 million people; Currently, about 15.1 million people use the Internet every day in Thailand, and 24 million people (about a third of the country’s population) have regular access to the Internet.

Average income: 14 THB thousand per month. ($440–450).

Communications: 89% of users use smartphones to access the Internet (ages 16–65).

Internet use time: On average, a Thai spends about 3 hours a day on social networks and almost 2 hours surfing the Internet

Online shopping: 70% of Thais use social media as a source for finding products and services and making purchase decisions

Top 5 sites visited:

  1. Google;
  2. Facebook;
  3. Wikipedia;
  4. sanook.***
  5. xnxx.***

    Promotional materials in Thailand require compliance with a number of rules. Launching an advertising campaign in Thailand is easy, but not getting banned is more difficult.

    The following cannot be used in promotional materials


  1. photos of famous people, celebrities, stars and members of the royal family;
  2. Images of individual professions and representatives of state bodies of Thailand,
  3. personal data of Thai doctors;
  4. Any images of the Garuda bird;
  5. Content from famous news sites.


To attract traffic to the Nutra offer, you can use:

  1. Photos of Singaporeans and Vietnamese residents;
  2. Japanese women and Japanese with snow-white skin;
  3. An image of an unreal character.


Outcome of the case:

  1. Thailand in the top 10 countries using mobile devices to access the Internet
  2. Strictly adhere to the rules of moderation in Thailand
  3. Thais are one of the leaders in the world in terms of time spent on the Internet
  4. Thais are very fond of watching news content
  5. Most of the traffic is in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok
  6. High average age of the population
  7. Thailand has developed a culture of dietary supplement consumption
  8. Thailand is one of the most promising regions for nutra traffic arbitrage


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