CPA network with beauty and health CPA offers for Thailand traffic

Beauty and health CPA offers for Thailand traffic

Nutra-offers from the category "Beauty" and "Health"- it is something that will always be in demand, especially among a female audience of almost any age. Although there are a lot of products for men too. Such offers can fade out from time to time, but to replace them come new. That is, the arbitrator's concern, in this case, is only to devise an advertising campaign and creatives that will convert the same goods, only in a new package. The right offer for beauty and health you can find in the catalog of our affiliate program WhoCPA - one of the best CPA networks for bulk traffic from Thailand and other Asian countries.

What is a Beauty and health CPA offers

Our affiliate proposes beauty and health offerings on which you can pour traffic and monetize it according to the CPA model (action fee). In this case, the arbitrator receives payment (remuneration) for the approved action - for the order. The webmaster generates the lead, our call center rings him, and if the application is confirmed - the web receives a fixed fee for each offer.


With us you can find beauty and health offers for any source of Thai traffic:


  • Own site (SEO-traffic);
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Teaser advertising;
  • Social networks, etc.


How to choose an offer that can convert? The most important thing is to know your target audience. You should know everything about it:


  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Solvency;
  • Interests, hobbies;
  • The problem she’s worried about.


By compiling on the basis of these data a portrait of your audience, you can propose it some kind of an offer. For example, if you have a page on Instagram about makeup/cosmetics, your target audience is women aged 18-50, taking care of their appearance. Accordingly, they can be offered various masks against wrinkles, black dots, or any other offer that solves their pain (problem).

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Examples of offers from the categories "Beauty" and "Health"

It is important to note that it is not only women who are targeted by the offerings in these categories. There is a large layer of drugs, the so-called "adult" preparations that are of interest only to men. These are various enhancers and means for potency. So for the first example of a good converting offer for Thai traffic, we will take the "adult" male drug.

Actual Offers

  1. Longex - capsules for potency. The actual topic for men aged 40+, regardless of geo - whether it is Asia or another region. The issue of weak potency is quite sensitive, not every man will agree to go with this problem to see a doctor. Many are looking for quick solutions online. In creatives you can use "reviews of real buyers", "authoritative opinions of doctors" about the offer, specify also the end result ("potency as in 18", "all women are yours" and the like), give a solution to the problem ("will help to improve family life") - you are guaranteed to generate high-quality traffic if you find a successful link;
  2. CORDINOX - a means to normalize blood pressure. An off-sex - it’s more about age. High blood pressure is a problem for older men and women alike. In advertisements, you can refer to the proven effect, talk about the "best remedy for hypertension", an impressive list of problems that the offer solves;
  3. OPTRIX - a tool for eyesight. Also to a wide audience. Both adults and young. You can focus on the long sitting behind the monitor or with a gadget in your hand, which is causing impaired vision. Which, of course, I don’t want to lose at a young age. On the package of the offer is a blueberry (useful for the eyes), which hints to the audience about the natural composition - it is also possible to beat in an advertising campaign;
  4. Sinoflex - a gel for restoring joints. Stable offer for solving a stable problem. Athletes, people engaged in hard physical work, senior citizens - all this audience. You can also touch on the part of the audience that suffers from joint pain due to changes in the weather. But it already depends on the features of geo (in Thailand with weather everything +/- stable).

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Other offers

Also among the popular offers "Beauty" and "Health" can be noted various slimeballs, masks, remedies for varicose, alcoholism, smoking herbal fees and exotic seeds from other continents from all diseases in the world. As well as - coffee, plasters, ointments from back pain, amulets, and charms. The full list of Nutra-offers with a high apron you can see in our catalog.

How to start pouring on the offers for health and beauty in Thailand

All is extremely simple: you register with our partner as a webmaster, and you have access to the most complete digestive catalog for various Asian geo, including for Thailand.


Why We:


  • Huge selection of offers for health and beauty;
  • The top geo in Asia;
  • High deductions;
  • There are bonuses for quality traffic - negotiated individually;
  • We work with everyone, even beginners of arbitration;
  • Different sources of traffic;
  • High approve;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Each website is assigned a personal manager who will help to choose an offer, geo, and source of traffic depending on your interests, capabilities, and so on;
  • Easy withdrawal of money.


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