How to find best CPA offers?

How to find convertible CPA-offers in the nutra in 2023

Before we will know where to find good CPA-offers in 2023, we have to understand the basic concepts. If you have experience in arbitration on the model of "pay for action", you can safely miss the beginning, but for beginners it will be useful to learn how to pay for lead and what is considered the lead when working with CPA-network. Let’s start.


What is a CPA-offer?


As mentioned above, the CPA stands for "action fee". The advertiser sets the action. It can be filling in the application form, registration, share, downloading software, games, replenishment of the deposit in online casino and much more. That is, the webmaster must provoke (let’s call it like that) the user to take a specific action, for which he, webmaster, will receive a reward - a predetermined rate.


In CPA-networks dealing with goods and nutras, payment is made for paid leads. What does it mean? The lead is the completed application, which the user leaves on the web resource webmaster. It contains the contact details of the person who is interested in the offers and wants to purchase it. Call centre of the affiliate's program makes calling of the lead. If the desire to make a purchase is confirmed, and, conditionally, there is an agreement on delivery+payment, the lead is considered appropriate - for it the webmaster receives a fee. Even if the potential buyer subsequently refused to buy the goods, for example, on delivery.


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What is nutra-offer?


Offer- it's an advertiser proposal, who wants to sell a product through the Internet, and uses an affiliate program (CPA-network) for this purpose. It, in turn, cooperates with a lot of webmasters who attract traffic. Nutra - is one of the vertical of the offers. So called group of products on, as a rule, natural basis, which can be conditionally merged into the category "Beauty and health".


Nutra-offers species


So, we figured out that these are various drugs, dietary supplements and products that can solve the problem of a person related to his health or appearance. The sales model is based on an emphasis on audience pain. For women this, for example, can be a fear of aging and everything related to it, for men - fear of problems with potency or harmful habits and so on. Therefore, a lot of nutra-offers, that can be divided into such types:


  • Against wrinkles;
  • "Slimming down":
  • "Enlargers";
  • For potency;
  • Against baldness;
  • Against bad habits - alcoholism, smoking;
  • Against snoring;
  • For diabetics;
  • For people with high blood pressure;
  • BADs to increase immunity;
  • Pain in the joints and more.


Nutra-offers come in different forms. Gels, ointments, creams, masks, teas, herbal fees, coffee, berries, pills, patches and even amulets - all existing pharmacological forms (and not only) you will find in the catalogues of affiliates in the section "Beauty and Health".


How to find CPA-offers in the nutra?


This question can be immediately rephrased into "How to find a CPA network with a nutra?". There are many ways to do this. The most effective - go to the profile forum or Telegram-channel of arbitrators and see what the real webmasters write: which affiliates they advise and why, and which - vice versa. You can also find a top affiliate - such lists are published regularly. Look at the top ones over the last few years, someone stays there all the time.


Let’s say you found several CPA-networks, reviews about which satisfy you. Next you need to understand the features of the affiliate. Namely:


  • GEO - traffic from which countries the affiliates take. It is important if you are working with a particular direction. For example, you are pouring traffic from Asia - see if there are any affiliate program offers with this GEO;
  • Sources of traffic - this can be search traffic, contextual advertising, social, teaser networks. When choosing an affiliate, you need to clarify whether it takes traffic from your source;
  • Selection of CPA-offers - how many in the catalog of nutra-offers, and their subjects. Naturally, the more, the better. In addition, each self-respecting affiliate has so-called premium-offs with higher rates and author’s offshoots. In the latter case, it means that the network itself is an advertiser, that is, it does not act as a mediator;
  • Royalties are the fixed amount that affiliate program pay an arbitrator for a certified lead. Different partners' fees for the same offer can be different - see for yourself where it is more profitable. Ask if there are bonuses for a lot of quality traffic. CPA network managers are interested in good arbitrators and almost always meet halfway;
  • The personal manager – affiliate should assign to each webmaster personal manager. It is possible to specify which are the most popular now - it will help to choose, will tell you ideas for creativity. And in general, his task is to contribute in every way to your cooperation set;
  • Call centre - they don’t all work equally well. Whether the call centre operators of an affiliate work well, indirectly may suggest a percentage of approval. The higher it gets, the better the call centre "survives" the lead.


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What to look for when choosing a nutra-offers


Perhaps the most important thing is seasonality. Some goods are well sold in summer, others - in winter. For example, the end of winter and spring is fa time when many are looking for weight loss for the beach season. Therefore, it is logical to deal with "slimming" in this period. Seasonality and hightime of offs can be tracked through Google Trends or similar services.


Another nuance is the statistical approximation of a particular offer. Too low? Is it worth it? Too high? Will you survive the competition? About the product you need to know everything: Google it, read reviews, reviews. This will help you to determine your choice. You can use spam services that will help you to see how your competitors work offline.


A lot of the success of the advertising campaign is influenced by the novelty of the offer. Ideal would be to "catch" the trend at the beginning. If you have chosen a product, you need to find out what its competitiveness is, and whether there are many offers that have the same advantages.